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Intelligent Remote Management System
With @Remote Office, collection and submission of meter data can be automated eliminating the manual collection and reporting of meter data. @Remote Office utilizes a single, thin-server type appliance to collect and report device data, automate service and toner alerts, and enable remote firmware upgrades. In addition, @Remote’s secure, web-based reporting portal transforms captured data into valuable population, utilization, trending and Green Reports.


About @Remote Office

  • The @Remote Office appliance facilitates device management for a networked fleet of Multifunctional products and laser printers
  • Collects and submits meter data on a schedule that meets your needs
  • Intelligent alerts automatically notify service providers of Ricoh devices needing service and toner*
  • Enables remote scheduling and completion of individual firmware upgrades
  • Provides access to device utilization reporting via a secure web-based reporting portal
  • Certified under ISO15408 / Common Criteria Certification: Assurance Level: EAL 3
  • @Remote Office manages up to 100 Ricoh devices and monitors up to 500 3rd party devices.
  • -Note- *Ability to provide automation of service and toner alerts is based in part on the capabilities of the service provider.

Major Applications

  • Automates the external communication aspect of device management
  • Eliminates manual meter collection and submission
  • Provides visibility to networked output device population and usage trending
  • Provides Green Reports for Ricoh devices


  • Increased device up-time
  • Automatic, accurate, timely meter reads and billing
  • Eliminates need for manual meter collection and reporting
  • Usage reporting for the device fleet is accessible via a secure (HTTPS) website
  • Provides usage data to enable you to match device location to work load, optimize efficiency and reduce TCO

Using @Remote Office

  • The @Remote Office appliance automatically transmits encrypted device usage data (including meter data) to the secure @Remote hosting facility
  • Usage data for the fleet is automatically aggregated by the @Remote service and made available, through a secure web portal, as Fleet Utilization reporting
  • @Remote collects Print, Copy, and Fax output usage data for Ricoh devices, and collects total print meter for legacy and third-party devices
  • Toner alerts and service alerts are sent in real time*
  • Device firmware may be upgraded on a scheduled basis*
  • -Note- *Ability to provide automation of service and toner alerts is based in part on the capabilities of the service provider.

Implementing this Solution

  • Setup and installation requires no IT personnel resources
  • Includes auto-discovery of network devices
  • The Remote Communication Gate is a Linux based thin server
  • Protocols: TCP/IP, SNMP v1/v2/v3, HTTPS, SOAP, SMTP, DHCP
  • An @Remote Office appliance monitors up to 500 devices and manages up to 100 Ricoh devices.
  • Transmits data to the @Remote hosting service via HTTPS secure communication Port 443



Equipment Type
Remote Communication Gate Type A (Network Type)
Thin Server Type Appliance
Two Ethernet interfaces: (1) LAN Port and (1) PC Port; (1) Power Socket
(2) LEDs - (1) Power and (1) Alert; (1) LCD - 2 Lines, 16 Digits;
Meters Acquired and Reported
Ricoh Devices: Print, Copy, Fax and Scan, as well as Black & White and Color*; Legacy and Non-Ricoh Devices: Total Print Meter*
Power Source / Consumption
120V/60Hz, 20W or less
H 10.23" x W 7.55" x D 3.03" (including stand)
EDP Codes
@Remote Office -- 415135;
(optional) Remote Communication Gate Memory 1000 -- 420404;
(optional) Remote Communication Gate Storage 1000 -- 420405;
@Remote Office 1000 -- 006461 MIU;
Security Certification
ISO15408/Common Criteria Information Technology Security
Security Certification
ISO15408/Common Criteria Information Technology Security ISO15408/Common Criteria Information Technology Security Certification pending.
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