MicroPress  Series
MicroPress Series
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Advanced Document Production and Workflow Management
MicroPress is a short-run, on-demand, scalable document production solution designed for production printing of black and white and color documents. MicroPress optimizes document production to maximize ROI through advanced print job and workflow management, combined with exceptional versatility, quality and reliability.


About MicroPress Series

  • MicroPress offers a single solution that addresses a wide variety of production workflow problems associated with job input, document processing and output

Major Applications

  • Ideal for local, national or global document production centers or departments whether the need is to produce one job quickly or multiple jobs simultaneously


  • Delivers advanced cost-effective document production and workflow management
  • Maximizes return on investment
  • Versatile enough to handle diverse requirements and optimized for growth
  • Reliable to the point of virtually eliminating downtime
  • Capable of unmatched productivity
  • Designed for absolute quality, consistent, accurate and pleasing output

Using MicroPress Series

  • Network job submission from PC’s or Mac’s and remote job submission via the Internet
  • Hard copy scanning input
  • Direct job submission of PostScript, PCL, TIFF and PDF files
  • Preview and manipulate jobs prior to printing without original application or re-RIPing
  • Archive, schedule jobs, and export job information to third party billing tools
  • Print at device's maximum speed regardless of page content (TRuePrint)
  • Page and job level error detection across all connected print devices (TRueRecover)
  • Distribute jobs across multiple devices (TRueCluster)

Implementing this Solution

  • Produce multiple jobs simultaneously across multiple devices
  • Produce a single job over multiple devices
  • Establish distribute-and-print remote facilities
  • Network/Internet connectivity
  • Support for multiple output devices - can start with entry-level configuration and add features as needed:
    - Solo Server (supports one print engine)
    - Plus Server (cluster up to 4 b+w or 2 color and 2 b+w print engines)
    - Max Server (cluster up to 12 b+w or 5 color print engines)

Complementary Products

  • This solution can be used with Digital StoreFront.
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