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HotSpot - Mobile Printing

Print with any mobile device, when traveling for business or pleasure. Secure cloud printing makes it easy.


Your healthcare facility has kept up with mobile technology to this point. Why not add the finishing touch? Let your staff and visitors enjoy the benefits of printing on the go with Ricoh HotSpot Printing.

Hospitals recognize most of their employees and visitors carry some type of mobile device.  Unfortunately, these devices are not connected to in-hospital networks, making it impossible to print.

Doctors on tight schedules need to print time-sensitive documents from their mobile devices at a moment’s notice.  Having a secure Ricoh HotSpot Printer/MFP in a nearby conference room or lobby saves valuable time.  Visitors also need to print. Being able to visit a loved one without feeling that you are getting behind in work provides great piece of mind. Making available HotSpot Printing technology in your healthcare facility is an efficient and secure way to access and share documents.

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