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HotSpot - Mobile Printing Offerings

Printing that handles thousands of users, across entire networks. | Your On-Premise Private Cloud.

Mobile Printing Offerings

Ricoh HotSpot: Mobile Printing Solutions scalable for your specific business needs. Ricoh Mobile Printing Technology opens a whole new world of print options, by taking advantage of the fact that all devices connected to the cloud, whether company owned or personal are, in fact, connected to each other. Ricoh HotSpot offerings allow you to easily print from any mobile platform connected to Wi-Fi or the Internet. Our idea's brilliance lies in its simplicity. It used the infrastructure you already have in place, or available in a plug and play device, so costs and set up time are minimal. Finally the future of printing has arrived.

Our Offerings

Ricoh HotSpot Mobile Printing is offered in various ways - delivered within our standard networked devices (Laser and Multifunction Printers) using a public cloud based printing solution or installed within your own network (on-premise), keeping documents securely flowing within your own cloud environment.

HotSpot Printers HotSpotMFPs HotSpot Enterprise HotSpot PrintingApp

HotSpot Printer

HotSpot Printer is an embedded "cloud" solution that combines PrinterOn's innovative mobile printing technology with high-performance Ricoh color and B&W laser printers¹, enabling you to print from here, there, or anywhere. With all hardware and software pre-installed on the HotSpot Printer, this convenient printing solution operates totally independently, that is, mobile print jobs are processed outside your company's firewall. Print from any tablet, smartphone or computer (with Internet access), directly to the HotSpot Printer listed in PrinterOn's Global Printer Directory². The document can be sent via e-mail, web upload or mobile app. Just enter your unique release code (received via e-mail) on the device's control panel, and your document is in hand. It's that easy. Learn more

¹ HotSpot-enabled printers include the Ricoh HotSpot Aficio SP C431DN-HS and Aficio SP 4100N-KP.
² There are over 5,000 public printing (HotSpot) locations around the world, including sites at major hotels and airports, as well as hospitals, law firms and schools.

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HotSpot MFP

HotSpot MFP seamlessly integrates with many Ricoh Multifunctional Products1, offering mobile users a convenient "cloud" printing solution – one without boundaries. There's no need for device-specific drivers, special software or network access. Print from any tablet, smartphone or computer, to your existing Ricoh Multifunctional Printer with HotSpot MFP option. Print jobs can be sent to the device in via e-mail, web upload or mobile app. Print from any Windows application, as well, using PrinterOn's special PrintWhere Driver. To maintain confidentiality, the document only prints after you enter your unique release code (received via e-mail) on the MFP's control panel. For more information, click here.

¹ Find a list of supported devices

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HotSpot Printer and HotSpot MFP Mobile Printing Process Diagram

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HotSpot Enterprise

HotSpot Enterprise is a "private cloud" mobile printing solution that is ideal for corporate and campus environments. Installed on premises, for enhanced security, HotSpot Enterprise can support your expanding mobile-user base. Within a single deployment, HotSpot Enterprise can handle thousands of users and print devices, even traverse entire networks. When configured to distribute print jobs across multiple processing servers, HotSpot Enterprise offers scalability, load balancing and redundancy. A clustered installation enables you to achieve increased capacity and uninterrupted job processing, for optimum service reliability.

HotSpot Enterprise, like HotSpot Printer and HotSpot MFP, is compatible with any tablet, smartphone or computer. Furthermore, HotSpot Enterprise supports most PCL and PostScript printers/MFPs1. Compatibility with a wide range of operating systems, wireless devices and printers makes HotSpot Enterprise the preferred printing application for mobile workers that require around-the-clock access to mission-critical documents. Learn More.

¹ For printers that are not PCL or PS compatible, a PDF conversion module is utilized to render data most printers support.

HotSpot Enterprise Mobile Printing Process

Ways to Print

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HotSpot Printing App

HotSpot Printing App With thousands of Ricoh HotSpot Printers and MFPs nationwide, the free HotSpot Printing App allows you to leverage those resources from your Blackberry® smartphone or BlackBerry® PlayBook™, 24/7. Quickly search for nearby printers using GPS mapping, or search by city. Then print your files stored either on the device itself, within your e-mail client or from your calendar; simply select the print feature from the menu bar and click "Print." Like HotSpot Printer and HotSpot MFP, print jobs can only be released when the user enters their unique release code, maintaining optimum information privacy. Learn More.

¹ Ricoh HotSpot Printing App - Android and iOS versions are in development.

Partner Mobile Printing Apps and Windows Driver

PrintWhere Driver (Windows Driver)
PrinterOn's PrintWhere Universal Driver is a unique and powerful software solution that enables any Windows based PC or laptop to print to any HotSpot-enabled Public, Education or Enterprise print device. PrintWhere eliminates tedious printer configuration.

Users of HotSpot Mobile Printing may prefer PrintWhere in the following situations:

  • Frequent printing
  • Printing to printers on different networks or remote printers within an Enterprise or external sites (suppliers/customers)
  • Printing of web pages that require a log in such as email or boarding passes.

Using PrintWhere Within the Enterprise

With the PrintWhere Driver, you can print easily and securely from your desktop or laptop computer to local network printers or to printers on a completely different network within your Enterprise. PrintWhere can connect printers across the disparate networks in your organization making printing to any printer possible.

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